Under the name of MAHHI STUDIO, I represent my drawing and painting class and also my drawings and paintings in fashion and lifestyle context.

When I was four years old, I took a Bic pen in my hand and since then I have never put it down because it has became my sixth finger. Drawing is a part of my being and I don’t know how to live without it. For me, art is the best way to deal with life and express emotions and thoughts, the good or the bad ones.

The brand MAHHI, has been founded in 2018. It was born and developed in Milan. It tries to put personality at the center. The human being reflects what’s inside: MAHHI tries to be a mirror, in which people see themselves to express their identities. Art is a way to find yourself and, express who you are.

I Install my works on the body, therefore it becomes sculpture and painting in motion at the same time. The human body thus became like a wall for a painter or a space to put the work on.




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